Beginner flute repertoire list: Music for new and less experienced flutists

Beginner Flute Repertoire

Are you a beginner flutist who is looking for the perfect repertoire to start your musical journey? As a professional flutist and instructor, I understand the importance of choosing the right pieces that are both challenging and enjoyable to play. In this article, we will see a list of the beginner flute repertoire and provide … Read more

Clarinet or Flute for Beginner: Which Instrument is Right for You?

clarinet or flute for beginner

If you’re trying to decide between clarinet or flute for beginner looking to start playing a woodwind instrument, you might face some challenges in making the right decision. However, there are other wind instruments that can also be great options for beginners, such as the bansuri and soprano recorder. In this article, we’ll help you … Read more