Price of flute in Ghana, how much does it cost?

Music is an integral part of human life and has been around for centuries. Flute is a popular musical instrument that has been played by people in different cultures and regions around the world. In Ghana, the flute is not only used for entertainment but also for religious and cultural activities. This article will provide insights into the price of flute in Ghana.

The Flute in Ghana

The flute is a popular musical instrument in Ghana, and it is known by different names depending on the region. In the northern part of Ghana, it is known as “Dogo,” while in the southern part of the country, it is called “Atenteben.” The flute is played in different musical genres in Ghana, such as traditional music, highlife, and gospel music.

The Cost of Flute in Ghana

The price of a flute in Ghana depends on various factors, such as the material used to make the instrument, the brand, and the quality. In Ghana, flutes are made from different materials such as bamboo, wood, metal, and plastic. The most common material used in making flutes in Ghana is bamboo. The cost of a bamboo flute in Ghana can range from GHS 20 to GHS 100 (approximately $3 to $17 USD).

Wooden flutes are relatively more expensive than bamboo flutes in Ghana. The cost of a wooden flute in Ghana can range from GHS 100 to GHS 300 (approximately $17 to $51 USD). Some of the popular wooden flutes in Ghana are made from Rosewood and Mahogany.

Metal flutes are less common in Ghana, but they are usually more expensive than wooden and bamboo flutes. The cost of a metal flute in Ghana can range from GHS 500 to GHS 2,500 (approximately $85 to $425 USD).

Plastic flutes are the cheapest type of flute in Ghana, and they are mostly used by beginners and children. The cost of a plastic flute in Ghana can range from GHS 10 to GHS 50 (approximately $2 to $8 USD).

Where to Buy Flute in Ghana

Flutes are sold in music shops, online stores, and local markets in Ghana. Some popular places to buy flutes in Ghana include the Accra Mall, the Osu Market, and the Makola Market. Online stores such as Jumia Ghana and Tonaton also offer a variety of flutes for sale.


In conclusion, the price of a flute in Ghana depends on various factors such as the material, brand, and quality. Flutes made from bamboo are the cheapest, while metal flutes are the most expensive. Wooden flutes are in the mid-price range. Flutes can be purchased in music shops, local markets, and online stores in Ghana.