Flute and marimba repertoire: Duet music list

The flute and marimba repertoire is a unique choice of a musical duet, as it combines the melodic and harmonic richness of the flute with the percussive and rhythmic energy of the marimba.

Flute and marimba repertoire list

Below is a list of musical compositions that were originally written and rearranged for flute and marimba duet;

TitleComposerInstrumentationEra of Composition
3 Stücke für Flöte und MarimbaHans-Peter BeerFlute & MarimbaContemporary
4/6 Suite for flute and marimbaAlec WilderFlute & Marimba20th Century
An Extraordinary CorrespondenceNathan DaughtreyFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Canto de XangôForslund/LindholmFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Charanga SaladaSergei GolovkoMarimba & FluteContemporary
Danz-al-SubSalvador TorreMarimba & FluteContemporary
DiversionsPeter TannerFlute & MarimbaContemporary
First pieceN. RosauroFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Grand PrecipiceEvan GedertFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Histoire du Tango Café 1930PiazzollaFlute & Marimba20th Century
HorizonChad FloydFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Infinite FireTyler VroomanFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Isle of SkyeMichael IorioFlute & MarimbaContemporary
KassougaMakoto ShinoharaFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Kembang SulingGareth FarrFlute & MarimbaContemporary
LibertangoAstor PiazzollaFlute & Marimba20th Century
Nordisk SuiteJonas Ervolder BovéFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Ode to CelebrationAdam LenhartFlute & MarimbaContemporary
PantomimesJean Michel DamaseFlute & Marimba20th Century
Parmenides dialogueShai CohenFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Prelude 1George GershwinFlute & Marimba20th Century
Russian Gypsy folk songFiona Foo & Bonaventura OliveroFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Russian Gypsy folk songFiona Foo & Bonaventura OliveroFlute & Marimba20th Century
SalopettesJosh OxfordFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Spirit DanceGraham InstrallFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Stars of BrazilGordon StoutFlute & MarimbaContemporary
StillnessRobert PatersonAlto Flute & MarimbaContemporary
Tema y 8 Variaciones, Op.36Manuel Alejandre PradaFlute & MarimbaContemporary
Two PiecesN. RosauroFlute & MarimbaContemporary
VertigoEtienne HoubenFlute & MarimbaContemporary

Exploring the Vibrant World of Marimba

The marimba is a percussion instrument that originated in Africa and has since become a staple in orchestral and world music. It’s a type of xylophone with wooden bars that are struck with mallets to produce sound. The marimba’s unique tone and range make it a versatile instrument that is popular in a variety of musical genres.

History of the Marimba

The marimba’s history can be traced back to Africa, where it was used in traditional music for centuries. It was brought to Central America by African slaves and evolved into what we know today as the modern marimba. In the early 20th century, the marimba gained popularity in the United States as a concert instrument.

Structure of the Marimba

The marimba is a percussion instrument that consists of a set of wooden bars that are arranged like a keyboard. The bars are mounted over resonators, which amplify the sound. The marimba has a range of up to five octaves, which makes it a versatile instrument that can be used in a variety of musical styles.

Playing the Marimba

To play the marimba, a performer strikes the bars with mallets, which can be made of a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, or yarn. Different mallets produce different tones and sounds. The marimba can be played solo or in an ensemble, and it’s a popular instrument in orchestral music, jazz, and world music.

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Famous Marimba Players

There have been many famous marimba players throughout history, including Keiko Abe, a Japanese musician who is considered one of the world’s leading marimba players. Another notable marimba player is Gary Burton, an American jazz vibraphonist, and bandleader who has won seven Grammy Awards.

Flute and marimba repertoire

Exploring the Dynamic Duo of Flute and Marimba

Flute and marimba duets are a popular choice among musicians and audiences alike. The combination of the delicate, high-pitched sound of the flute and the warm, resonant tones of the marimba creates a unique and dynamic musical experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this captivating duo and explore some of the reasons why it’s such a popular choice for performers.

History of Flute and Marimba Duets

The combination of flute and marimba is a relatively new addition to the world of chamber music, having emerged in the 20th century. While the two instruments may seem like an unlikely pairing, they complement each other well and offer a range of musical possibilities. Flute and marimba duets can be found in a variety of musical genres, including classical, contemporary, and world music.

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Benefits of Playing Flute and Marimba Duets

There are many benefits to playing flute and marimba duets. For one, the combination of the two instruments provides a rich, full sound that can be both soothing and invigorating. Flute and marimba duets also offer a unique opportunity for performers to showcase their skills and creativity. Additionally, playing in a duo requires close collaboration between the two performers, which can lead to a deeper appreciation for the music and a stronger musical bond.

Popular Flute and Marimba Duets

There are many famous flute and marimba duets that are beloved by performers and audiences alike.

  • Isle of Skye by Michael Iorio is a popular contemporary piece that showcases the range and versatility of the two instruments.
  • 2 pieces for Flute and marimba by Ney Rosauro is a peaceful and gentle piece that is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Extraordinary Correspondence by Nathan Daughtrey is an experimental piece that explores the unique sounds and textures of the two instruments.


The combination of flute and marimba is a unique and dynamic duo that offers a range of musical possibilities. Whether you’re a performer or a music enthusiast, exploring the world of flute and marimba duets can be a rewarding experience. With their rich and diverse musical offerings, flute and marimba duets are sure to capture the hearts and minds of anyone who hears them.

Flute and marimba repertoire