Flute and Clarinet Repertoire List: Music for Flute and Clarinet Duet

Flute and clarinet repertoire is a musical arrangement meant for flute and clarinet duets. It is not the same as flute, clarinet, and piano repertoire. n this blog post, I will provide an overview of the flute and clarinet repertoire, highlighting some of the most popular and significant pieces in each genre.

Flute and Clarinet Repertoire List

Below is a list of musical compositions written for the flute and clarinet;

TitleComposerInstrumentationEra of Composition
10 Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op.56Robertson Ernest JohnFlute & ClarinetContemporary
10 Inventions for Flute and ClarinetReimer-Watts KeenanFlute & ClarinetContemporary
10 More Duos, Op.59Robertson Ernest JohnFlute & ClarinetContemporary
2 Christmas Carol DuetsKuo SarahFlute & ClarinetContemporary
2 Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op.46Kummer KasparFlute & ClarinetClassical
3 Christmas Carols for 2 PlayersTang ElizabethFlute & ClarinetContemporary
3 Duos, Op.19Fuchs Georg FriedrichFlute & ClarinetClassical
6 FrolicsSt. Pierre AnthonyFlute & ClarinetContemporary
A Voz PúblicaMattos FernandoFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Autumn SketchesTesaříková AnnaFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Cataventos IVMattos FernandoFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Cataventos VIMattos FernandoFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Cat-y-BirdCoboflupiFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Chôros No.2, W197, 198Villa-Lobos HeitorFlute & ClarinetModern
DuetViëtor Alba RosaFlute & ClarinetModern
Duet for Flute and Clarinet in A major, Op.2914Beatty Stephen W.Flute & ClarinetContemporary
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op.1180Beatty Stephen W.Flute & clarinetContemporary
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op.1181Beatty Stephen W.Flute & clarinetContemporary
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op.1252Beatty Stephen W.Flute & clarinetContemporary
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op.852Beatty Stephen W.Flute & clarinetContemporary
Duo Sonatina, Op.67Robertson Ernest JohnFlute & clarinetContemporary
For Flute and ClarinetEndo MasaoFlute & clarinetContemporary
Gran duetto per il flauto e clarinettoBlatt Franz ThaddäusFlute & clarinetClassical
Improvisation sur HallstattWesenAuer PeterFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Kiki and Kuku go for a WalkCoboflupiFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Les jours dissous en nuitsMarcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
LuvinaDíaz Espargo DanielFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Miniature 21220Marcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Miniature I 3321Marcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Miniature I 41001Marcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Miniature III 2 12 20Marcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Miniature V 2 12 20Marcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
MiroirsGouin PierreFlute & ClarinetContemporary
NeumesHakobjanyan AnnaFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Offenbach-RevueNecke HermannFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Prelude and Minuette in Antique Style, SO 602Ornstein LeoFlute & ClarinetContemporary
SailingFried Joseph NicholasFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Serenade for Flute and ClarinetBurkhard WillyFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Spirituali Brasileiri, Op.127Fine MarshallFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Suite 300621Marcoux Jean-FrançoisFlute & ClarinetContemporary
The ArgumentFried Joseph NicholasFlute & clarinetModern
The Detective DuetFried Joseph NicholasFlute & clarinetModern
The Happy BeesFried Joseph NicholasFlute & clarinetModern
The Heavy HeartFried Joseph NicholasFlute & ClarinetContemporary
The Mrs. Hobbs DuetFried Joseph NicholasFlute & ClarinetContemporary
Two of a KindDe Bleser Werner J.E.Flute & ClarinetContemporary
Unruhe und VerlangenDe Bleser Werner J.E.Flute & ClarinetContemporary

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Flute and Clarinet Repertoire List

The Benefits of Playing Flute and Clarinet Duets

Playing flute and clarinet duets can be a rewarding experience for musicians of all levels. Here are some benefits of playing this type of repertoire:

  • Improved listening skills: When playing in a duet, it is crucial to listen to your partner’s playing and adjust your own playing accordingly. This develops a musician’s ability to listen closely and respond effectively.
  • Enhanced ensemble skills: Playing with a partner also hones ensemble skills, such as balance, blend, and timing. This can help musicians become better at playing in larger groups, such as orchestras or bands.
  • Increased musicality: Duets often require musicians to play expressively and interpretively, as they have to convey the music’s emotional and musical nuances without the support of a larger group. This can help musicians develop their musicality and phrasing skills.
  • Varied repertoire: There is a wide range of flute and clarinet duet repertoire available, spanning many musical styles and eras. This provides musicians with the opportunity to explore different genres and broaden their musical horizons.

Overall, playing flute and clarinet duets can be a fun and beneficial experience for musicians, helping them develop important skills and explore the new musical territory.

Popular Flute and Clarinet Duets and Their Composers

There is a rich repertoire of duets available for flute and clarinet. Here are some popular ones, along with their composers:

Duet for Flute and Clarinet in A major, Op. 2914 – Stephen W. Beatty
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 852 – Stephen W. Beatty
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 1180 – Stephen W. Beatty
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 1181 – Stephen W. Beatty
Duet for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 1252 – Stephen W. Beatty
Duo Sonatina, Op. 67 – Ernest John Robertson
10 Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 56 – Ernest John Robertson
2 Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 46 – Kaspar Kummer
3 Duos, Op. 19 – Georg Friedrich Fuchs
Gran duetto per il flauto e clarinetto – Franz Thaddäus Blatt
These duets vary in difficulty and style, but they are all great pieces for flutists and clarinetists to play together.

Tips for Rehearsing and Performing Flute and Clarinet Duets

  • Practice Slowly: It is important to take the time to practice slowly and accurately. This will help to build the foundation and ensure that both players are in sync with each other.
  • Listen to Each Other: While playing duets, it is important to listen to each other carefully. Make sure you are playing in tune and rhythmically together. This will create a more cohesive and enjoyable performance.
  • Communicate: Communication is key in any musical performance. Make sure to communicate clearly with each other about any issues or concerns you may have during rehearsals or performances.
  • Consider the Acoustics: When performing in different venues, it is important to consider the acoustics of the space. Take the time to rehearse in the space beforehand to understand how the sound carries and adjust your performance accordingly.
  • Embrace the Differences: Flute and clarinet are two very different instruments with unique sounds and playing techniques. Embrace these differences and explore how they can complement each other in your duet.
  • Stage Presence: Finally, don’t forget about stage presence. Make sure to engage with the audience and perform with confidence and enthusiasm. This will create a more enjoyable performance for both the performers and the audience.