F to G trill on flute: Low and High trill fingering

To play F to G trill on the flute, use the finger chart or follow the guidelines for finger placement below;

F to G trill chart on flute

Below is an F to G trill chart on the flute;

f to g trill flute

Low F to G trill on flute guidelines finger placement

 Left handRight hand
Index fingerclosedtrilling F key
Middle fingerclosedopened
Ring fingerclosedopened
Little fingeropenedD# lever closed
ThumbB key closed  

High F to G trill on flute finger placement

Left handRight hand
Index fingerclosedcould be trilling F key
Middle fingeropenedopened
Ring fingerclosedclosed
Little fingeropenedD# lever closed
Thumbcould be trilling B key 

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