Does playing flute affect singing?

No, playing the flute does not affect singing. It is important to know that no instrument would affect the way you sing. Instead playing an instrument would help you know how the music sounds in case you decided to sight-read the music. Most flute players are good singers and have never complained of bad vocal production due to their frequent playing of the flute. There is no direct effect of playing the flute on the vocal cords, instead, the flute helps you to exercise and stretch your lips. Healthy lips are related to singing well.

How does playing flute affect singing?

The clear examples of how the flute affects singing are not necessarily important to be noticed rather they can be overlooked. The various ways does playing flute affects singing include:

  1. When playing an instrument like the flute, you can not use your mouth for any other thing except for playing that flute. Unlike the piano and violin where their players can simultaneously sing and play such instruments at the same time.
  2. Playing the flute can get you tired of singing. It requires some effort and strength to play the flute and using this strength for playing the flute for a longer period of time can wear your lips out and make you tired to sing with those lips.
  3. Positively speaking, playing a particular music with a flute can help you know how that music sounds. This means that you will be very good at sight reading that piece of music than someone who hasn’t played that music with any other instrument or the flute. It can help you know how the various accidentals in music sound.

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Yes, playing the flute improves singing just as stated earlier that it will help to keep your lips and cheeks in shape. It also helps the diaphragm movent by establishing good air support. It also helps to improve your sight reading skills, helping you to get the correct pitch and tone of some notes and accidentals.

There is no side effect of playing the flute if you play it with healthy practices. But if you are careless and share your flute with anyone, you may get a cough or flu from your instrument because someone with a vocal illness might have used the flute. If your flute is not always cleaned after usage, the leftover saliva in the instrument can get infected and breed bacteria that will cause you an illness.

Playing the flute is healthy if only you play it with an approved method. You will need to abide by the ethics of playing the flute as would be taught to you by our flute teacher or a professional flutist. These ethics include good posture, finger dexterity, proper breathing techniques, and many other things. When you practice and play the flute with good posture, it will help you to have increased confidence, more energy, ease in breathing and higher productivity.